The INNOLABS project has come to its end after 3 years of successful collaboration.

INNOLABS has been endowed with 5 million euros for the EU Research and Innovation Framework Program (Horizon 2020) for partners across Europe to provide support and financing to SMEs in order to encourage intersectoral collaboration and the creation of new solutions focused on innovation in the field of digital health.

Since 2017, 160 SMEs have benefited directly from the project through the various events and calls. Among them, 84 have received grants worth up to 55,000 euros to accelerate their project.

The two Spanish partners have obtained that Spain is one of the most beneficiary countries involved in national events to more than 200 companies and other entities of the ICT and BIOMEDICAL sector; Hospitals, Universities and Research Centers.

In Castilla y León, Biotecyl has developed events for Castilian and Leonese entities and other regions to favor the creation of networks, training, obtaining private and public funds and the development of products applied to the health sector.

BIOTECYL has worked so that the entities of the region benefit from the economic resources offered by this program. It has mobilized around half a hundred Castilian and Leonese entities, of which 13 have been directly involved and benefited in the different events of the project.