Biomar Microbial Technologies announces an initial pilot plant with a capacity of 300 L that will reach 3000 L by the end of this year.

There are many biotechnology processes with novel and effective products that are developed at the laboratory scale every year. Often, this scale is not enough to generate the sufficient amount to validate the activity in field trials or in vivo assays. Obtaining such quantities is essential, but the analysis of the technical and economic viability of the project is not less important.

Biomar Microbial Technologies, a company dedicated to microbial fermentation for the last 24 years, announces a brand new Pilot Plant that completes its R&D capacity. The new plant will be available, not only for current clients, but also for other companies within the chemistry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agriculture sectors. Its new premises, with a current volume up to 300 L, are the preface of an extension that will house equipment up to 3000 L of working volume. The facility counts with the state-of-the-art bioreactors and the human and technical resources to develop optimization, improvement and scale-up processes.

The current facilities count with fermentation volumes of 5, 20 and 300 L, as well as the downstream equipment required for different applications: biomass recovery, extraction and, if necessary, purification of bioproducts. The new facility design allows working with yeast, fungi, sporulated bacteria and actinomycetes, so that it will be compatible with several industrial applications. The building extension, that begun in February, will increase ten-fold the production capacity and will have a surface of 750 m2, fully devoted to biotech processes. The fully equipped plant will count with: inocula preparation room, clean fermentation area, technical fermentation room, purification room, ATEX purification room, raw materials warehouse with designed quarantine area, dispensing area, clean room for final product and packaging, final product warehouse and complementary storage facilities.

More than 20 years of experience in this type of projects endorse our team, that has performed multiple scale up projects applied to different industrial sectors. The multidisciplinary team counts with a large experience in the optimization of biotech processes, at both upstream and downstream levels.

Biomar Microbial Technologies announces a launching offer for its Pilot Plant, to all Biotecyl members, with a discount of 10 % for fermentation volumes of, at least, 300 L during 2020.